Electric & Electronic

This sector includes all organic and silicone compounds formulated to be transformed into articles intended for this sector. The transition from analogue electronics to digital electronics has allowed an exponential growth of this market over the years, increasingly spreading the use of conductors and semiconductors, for which the addition of dielectric materials is always required.

Mescole in gomma per il settore

01. Silicone


02. Organic

Heat stability, high water repellency, ceramicizing capacity, fire resistance and non-toxicity of fumes are required.

The main characteristics of the articles intended for the electrical-electronic sector depend specifically on the operating conditions of the product itself. The electrical/electronic sector includes all organic and silicone compounds that are formulated to be transformed into products both by molding and extrusion intended to be assembled into final products dedicated mainly to applications in the presence of electric current, in direct or indirect contact. It includes both consumer electronics and industrial systems.

The common factor is the presence of electric current: the required properties can therefore be electrical insulation. On the contrary, for connectors and current dissipators, the need is to have conductive or antistatic compounds. Applications in which high electrical voltage values ​​are reached require the formulation of compounds with high dielectric strength.

Manufacturable products

Silicone compounds for insulator coating

Silicone compounds for electrical cables and cable connectors

Silicone compounds for safety cables

Conductive silicone compounds for cable ends, conductive contacts for keyboards, connectives in electrical circuits, rollers for the printing sector.

Organic/silicone compounds for gaskets and technical articles