This sector includes organic and silicone compounds that are formulated to be transformed, both in molding and extrusion, into rubber parts intended to be used as is or assembled into final products mainly dedicated to industrial applications. Pump seals, fluid conduction pipes, membranes, flanges are just some examples.

It is a sector that can be considered open, as includes applications that cannot be defined more precisely in other specific sectors.

Mescole in gomma

01. Organic

02. Silicone

The main characteristics of the articles intended for industrial products depend specifically on the operating conditions of the final applications.

Since this is a very large sector, these can be the most diversified.

Each corresponds to specific materials and specific technological requirements.

The presence of specifications is important, but not essential when the operating conditions and any contact fluids are known.

Manufacturable products

Organic and silicone rubber compounds developed for specific designs (o-rings, technical items, various gaskets, fluid conduction pipes, membranes, flanges)