Energy, Oil & Gas

This sector includes all organic and silicone compounds that are formulated to be transformed into products both by molding and extrusion and intended to be used as elements of assembled components involved, more generally, in systems for the production, processing and conveyance of gaseous petroleum products and not, partly intended for energy production, both for the civil and industrial sectors (power plants, oil platforms, oil pipelines, gas pipelines).


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01. Organic

The main characteristics of the articles depend specifically on the operating conditions of the application itself.

To give more specific examples we can mention pipelines, gas pipelines, offshore platforms, refineries, oil pipelines, which involve items such as membranes, flanges and generic gaskets. In the drilling sector, resistance to abrasion and high pressures is essential. Unless otherwise provided for by the application, the presence of hydrocarbons, even in a generic capacity, requires the use of specific product groups.

Manufacturable products


Technical articles on drawing

Gas/oil/hydrocarbon contact membranes in general